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Honeycomb Removal

Get rid of the bees-FOR GOOD. Any hive that has been established in a structure for more than a week or so should definitely be removed. Dead bees and the honeycomb can cause a variety of problems:

1) Dead bees generate an extremely offensive odor

2) Wax and honey will melt and cause staining and damage to walls

3) Remaining honey and comb can attract a wide variety of scavengers to the structure (i.e. rats, moths, roaches, ants, etc.)

4) The smell of honey attracts new colonies of bees that infest both the same location and other areas of the structure.

Accessing the honeycomb within your structure requires special training and tools. Depending on the location, our technicians may need to cut through roofing, drywall, stucco, walls, flooring, etc., to access the honeycomb. Once exposed, Antac will completely remove all honeycomb and any dead bees. Lastly, the area will be treated to get rid of any leftover pheromones and then the area will be sealed / repaired again as if nothing ever happened.

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